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The Springston Library by M.E. Cottom, nee Mounce

There is an empty section of land beside the Dairy, which in the 1920's used to house the Springston Public Library.

It was a small two-roomed place, and must have been built about 1900, as when I was a very small girl I can remember it, as we lived opposite.

The first room you went into had a billiard table in with all the balls and cues. The men in the township used to go down at nights to have a game.

In the next room all the shelves of books, and

Mr. Parrett's Bakehouse, by M. E. Cottom, nee Mounce

It was about 1930/31 that Mr. William Parrett arrived in Springston to start building a Bakehouse.

The first one was built of opened kerosene and petrol tins and had a big oven fired by wood and coal. It was very inconvenient to work in. A year or two went by and a new Bakehouse was built with all the modern things like a huge oven that really had two or three ovens together. The top oven could take two large trays holding about 10 dozen cakes or savouries at a time

Springston Dairy

The Springston Dairy was opened in 1916 by a gentleman called Peter Tod. The shop was just a one roomed little wooden building with a small room at the back, which served as his living quarters. He was a very large man by any standard, and when we were small we were quite in awe of him. He used to churn his own ice-cream, and you could get a penny one in those days. He stayed there for 10 years, and the shop was bought by an English immigrant and his wife. They built other rooms on and

Petrol tanker outside Dartnall & McMeekan's store, Springston.

Howard and Dartnell Store, Springston

The store was established in 1874 by Harry Lloyd Dartnall in partnership with Mr. Howard, who was a relative, so the business was first known as Howard & Dartnall.

The first part of the building was quite small, just a single gable with two rooms upstairs. It is not known whether this was their only accommodation. The store was added to by building two storey extensions on either side, with a brick wall on the east side where the house was built, probably about the same time, although the date is unknown.

The lighting for

Springston Schoolhouse

In August 1863 the contract was let to Messrs Parkin & Griggs for the erection of a school and teacher's residence. The contract price for both the school and house was 242 pounds. They were built in 2 and a half months. The Inspector of the Board of Education on his first visit, Oct 20th 1868, reported, "The dwelling is a superior one and well fitted for a teacher's residence." The plans showed three bedrooms, kitchen, dining and sitting room and a cental hallway, but no bathroom.

The schoolhouse soon needed an addition and was remodelled in 1882.

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