Branthwaite, Fletcher (1911) and Grace (1935)

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Branthwaite, Fletcher (1911) and Grace (1935).


Fletcher Branthwaite was born in 1861. He married Grace Willan in the June of 1891 in Westmoreland, their eldest child John William Branthwaite was born September Quarter 1892 in Whitehaven Reg Dist, Cumberland.

The family are noted on the 1881 Census for England. Fletcher and his wife and son, John W Branthwaite so far cannot be located on the 1891 or the 1901 Census for England, so where the family went before they embarked on the journey to New Zealand is unkown at this stage.

It is noted in the family that John William arrived with his parents in New Zealand when he was only 'very young' he would have been around 3 when they arrived in New Zealand.

In 1895 a passenger list records the following - 1895..White Star Line from London to New Zealand
Monday 12th August 1895 passenger list on the ship 'Gothic'
Mrs Branthwaite and Master J Branthwaite

 Fletcher Branthwaite was a bee Keeper and travelled back and forth to England. According to Beekeeping in New Zealand 'In 1907 Mr Fletcher Branthwaite of Tai Tapu sold his farm and bees to return to England. He took some 10 tons of honey with him. After several years he still had not managed to sell it and ultimately had the remainder sent back to him after he returned to New Zealand. Honey was not considered a readily merchandisable article, even high quality clover honey.' Tai Tapu village is situated on the main access road to Banks Peninsula. 10 minutes south from the outskirts of Christchurch.

In a New Zealand document dated the sixth day of July, nineteen hundred and twenty-one. Grace Branthwaite is mentioned as a widow "Grace Branthwaite, of Tai Tapu, widow, and Harry Branthwaite, of Christchurch, land agent, dated the sixth day of July, nineteen hundred and twenty-one, for the purchase of the lands for the sum of eleven thousand and sixty-nine dollars. Fletcher Branthwaite must have died before 1921 and Harry Branthwaite was Fletcher and Grace's third son born in New Zealand who later married Madge.


letcher Branthwaite was a witness in the Pasco Murder case in 1898.

Fletcher and Grace had at least four children; Harry (1897),  Robert Fletcher (1899),  Thomas Hector (1901) and Grace Elizabeth (1904).

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