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Notes from Lincoln & Districts Historical Society, written by M.E. Cottom (nee Mounce), 1998

Springston Dairy

The Springston Dairy was opened in 1916 by a gentleman called Peter Tod. The shop was just a one roomed little wooden building with a small room at the back, which served as his living quarters. He was a very large man by any standard, and when we were small we were quite in awe of him. He used to churn his own ice-cream, and you could get a penny one in those days. He stayed there for 10 years, and the shop was bought by an English immigrant and his wife. They built other rooms on and made it look more like a shop. They stayed about 10 years and then sold out. There have been 23 different people who have been in the dairy and each person built on and altered the place to suit themselves, until in 1998 it is a nice modern place, with all the stuff people expect in a dairy these days. People stayed there for various number of years, Laurie and Dorothy Black being the longest. They were there 8 years.

In 1977 the Post Office was there too, but got robbed one night, so it was shifted down to Mr. Mounce's shop at 'Blandville." It was like middle Springston, being in a small township between the Springston village and South Springston.

All the people who had the Dairy are listed below, and the dates they were there.

1916 Peter Tod

1930 Ernie Howarth

1936 Whittaker

1941 Humphrey Weld

1949 Teresa and Bera O'Sullivan (sisters)

1957 Norman Fisher

1962 Johnny and Barbara Cross

1965 Ivy and Norm Mason

1969 Laurie and Dorothy Black

1977 Bill and Lynn Bohan

1979 Dave and Patricial Neale

1980 John and Lorna Ellis

1983 Peter and Trish Smith

1986 Mervyn and Barbara Hann

j1988 Steve and Helen Wedlake

1991 Warren and Janet Grosseta

1991 Peter McCartin

1992 Vicki and Steve Flanagan

1993 Donna and Mark ?

1995 Sue Smith

1997 Margaret Crone

1998 Karen Gallagher

1998 Noel and Cecilia Wakefield


Notes by M.E.Cottom, nee Mounce

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Springston Dairy - historical notes

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