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Notes from Lincoln & Districts Historical Society, by M.E. Cottom, nee Mounce [1998]

The Springston Library by M.E. Cottom, nee Mounce

There is an empty section of land beside the Dairy, which in the 1920's used to house the Springston Public Library.

It was a small two-roomed place, and must have been built about 1900, as when I was a very small girl I can remember it, as we lived opposite.

The first room you went into had a billiard table in with all the balls and cues. The men in the township used to go down at nights to have a game.

In the next room all the shelves of books, and I can remember how fusty it always smelt, as I suppose it was shut up so much My Mother and Father used to look after it, and write in a big book who had taken books out etc. After we shifted down to "Blandville", I don't know who looked after it, but I know that Habgood's Transport bought the building to have social evenings for their staff and it was towed down to their yard in Lincoln.

After we shifted to our shop the townsfolk lost interest and there wasn't anyone to look after the place, which was quite a shame. I have heard Habgoods demolished the building when they gave up their business. The land the Library was on is crown land and can't be sold unless some 'act' in parliament is passed. the Council keep it mown, so I suppose they will do something about it one of these days.

Notes written by M.E. Cottom, nee Mounce. [1998]


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