Ellesmere District School Committee

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Ellesmere District School Committee.


The Committee Back row.- Messrs Collins, Mr R. Williams (Master), Mt Tunner. Front row.- Messrs. Gallagher, W. Chamberlain (Chairman), T. Blay.

The Ellesmere District School opened on December 31st 1898. The locality of Ellesmere, after which the school took its name, is situated south west of Springston. Mr W. Chamberlain, chairman of the school committee, gave one acre for the purpose of a school and an additional half acre for a teacher's residence. He had made repeated applications to the Board of Education before the school was granted.
Related information: See also p. 43 in same issue.
31 Dec. 1898  W. H. Yates (photographer)
Source: The weekly press, 25 Jan. 1899, p. 8

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