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The Old School, Toast proposed by MISS BEATRICE LEADLEY. at the JUBILEE of the GREENDALE PUBLIC SCHOOL  1922.

Hail! to the day of the Jubilee
Of Greendale's ancient school; We scholars of the present time
Greet those of former rule. We bid you welcome to the scenes
Of earlier days; while we, together with you, celebrate
The old school's Jubilee.
Our welcome today is specially gay.
To the earliest veterans of all; To the scholars of the first ten years
Who have come at our festive call. Many have passed o'er the great divide -
We think of them tenderly -But those who are here, we greet with a cheer,
To the old school's Jubilee.
Your memories will travel back
To days of long ago; When families were large, and filled,
This school to overflow; You think with pride of the girls and boys
Some clever, and some who were dull -Of the tricks they played, and the noise they made,
In Greendale,  a noted school.
Then we think of the teachers who taught us to read,
And multiplication as well. Twas an awful bore, composition and sums,
And grammar, and learning to spell,-So,quick! Stand attention! Come out on the floor!
For shuffling, and acting the fool! But we'll stand at salute and give honour to all
The teachers who taught in the school.
We are proud of scholastic achievements
of scholars, and teachers too; But we're prouder still of the old school boys
Who for God and the right, fought true. They are heroes all, and we cheer them again
With a ringing three times three But we stand with bared head, for the glorious dead,
At the old School's Jubilee.
So we give you a hearty welcome.
To the old. school once again. For none of us, may its lessons
Be altogether in vain! We can never forget the old school days,
Though we travel far away! So charge your glasses! Here's  the toast -
"The Old School ~ Hip Hurray!
Greendale.  - Frank s- Leadley.

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