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Copy of Programme of the 75th Aniversary of Darfield District High School held Saturday, 25th October, 1958. Original held by May Beveridge, Darfield.

DARFIELD DISTRICT HIGH SCHOOL 75th Anniversary . 1883—1958

SATURDAY, 25th OCTOBER, 1958 Toast list


Proposer                            Toast                                        Responder .

Chairman:                         God Save the Queen

Mr J. A. Cridge                   Absent friends

Hon J. K. McAlpine, M. P. The school                                Sir Walter Mulholland, Kt, O.B.E.    song: Here we are again

Mr G. C. Warren                Pupils, Past and Present        Mr A. L. Mulholland                             song: Bless 'Em All 

Mr W. Hewitt                      Teachers, Past and Present - Headmaster & Mrs F. Cridge          song: An Apple for the Teacher

Mr J. H. Syme                    Canterbury education Board - Mr S. J. Irwin  

Mr M. E. Jenkins               School Committees                  Mr A. D. Gapes

Mtr T. E. Pearson              Chairman and Jubilee Committee  Chairman, Mr John Thompson


Bless 'em all! Bless 'em all!
The long and the short and the tall.
Bless all the tradesmen, the feminine ones,
Bless all the farmers and their blinking sons,
'Cos we're saying " Good Luck " to you all,
As back to the old School you crawl;
You'll get no more caning,
To help with your training;
So cheer up, old mates,
Bless 'em all!


An apple for the teacher will always do the trick, When you don't know your lesson in arithmetic, An apple for the teacher will meet with great success If you forget to memorise the Gettysburg address : A little bit of glamour, a charm that's cute and quaint, And he'll excuse your grammar and believe you're what you ain't;.

You may be just a lemon, but he'll think you're a peach, Just bring an apple for the teacher when he starts to teach.

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