Newsletter / Lincoln & Districts Historical Society no. 47 (March 2019)

Newsletter / Lincoln and Districts Historical Society no. 47 (March 2019)

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Recent sesquicentenaries of four local schools, Lincoln (2016), Tai Tapu (2017), Broadfield (March 2018), Springston (October 2018).

Alec Woodward's reminiscences for the Broadfield School 150th Jubilee reunion - Part 1

Alec Thomas Woodward ... attended Broadfield School from 7 October 1940 to December 1948. He was interviewed by his daughter Wendy Beck on 30 November 2017. This account is largely as Alec recalled his school days in his own words as transcribed by Wendy.

A second part about Alec's World War II reminiscences will follow in the October issue.

The text is grouped under School, education and training, and Food, dentist, clothing and hygiene.

Correction p. 1 Tommy Hewton, not Newton


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