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Notes from a Lincoln & Districts Historical Society field trip to Springston, 2002

Springston Schoolhouse

In August 1863 the contract was let to Messrs Parkin & Griggs for the erection of a school and teacher's residence. The contract price for both the school and house was 242 pounds. They were built in 2 and a half months. The Inspector of the Board of Education on his first visit, Oct 20th 1868, reported, "The dwelling is a superior one and well fitted for a teacher's residence." The plans showed three bedrooms, kitchen, dining and sitting room and a cental hallway, but no bathroom.

The schoolhouse soon needed an addition and was remodelled in 1882. The framing was of heart black pine and totara, the floors kauri and the joinery totara.

In 1922 electricity came to Springston. A concert wa held to pay for the wiring of the schoolhouse and with other donations it successfully did so. A telephone was installed in 1927.

In 1962 a new schoolhouse was built and the old schoolhouse and grounds sold to a private buyer. In 2002, features of interest were the altar rail from the Methodist Church, then a stair rail, a trapdoor to the inside of the roof, the original old post at the road gateway, and many old bottles dug up in the garden.

Further reading: The Centennial Book of Springston School, published by the Springston School Centennial Committee, 1968

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Springston Schoolhouse (1863-)

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