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Lake Ellesmere has long been a favoured site for duck shooting

The Duck Shooting season was often reported in early newspapers. The Canterbury Times, 15 May 1901, reported that when shooting at Lake Ellesmere, C. Poultney and J. Carter bagged 61 birds in 2 hours. One of the men poses with a selection of their bag and a rather tired retriever. (SON3190)

Also very successful was Mr Tronson of Woolston who was a regular for a number of years at Lake Ellesmere. The Weekly Press, 5 August 1914, reported that "Mr Tronson had a stiff bicycle ride from Lake Ellesmere to Christchurch last week, when he carried a load of 14 ducks and 4 swans, which altogether weighed 100lb. The weight of his gun, boots, etc. was 21lb, and his own weight 148lb, giving a total of 269lb. Mr Tronson, who secured 21 birds with 26 shots, had to leave 3 swans behind, as he could not carry them". (SON2081)

Four years later The Weekly Press, 24 Jul 1918, reported that "Mr Tronson, of Woolston, has made some very successful trips to Lake Ellesmere this season, several times securing the limit, 25 birds. During the first ten weeks of the season he secured 182 grey duck, 25 teal, 58 Paradise duck, and 6 swans. Mr Tronson is a first class shot, as is shown by his getting 271 birds for 300 shots this season. During the opening week he fired 71 rounds, getting 59 ducks and 1 swan. In his last trip he got 30 ducks and two swans, and of these 20 ducks are on the handles of the bicycle. As showing his enthusiasm for sport, Mr Tronson made thirteen trips to Lake Ellesmere during the first ten weeks of the season, covering 520 miles on his bicycle, and has had to carry the game shot. He uses his own patent decoys, which are headless". (SON2131)


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