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Holt's Creek, Otira

ARTHUR'S PASS TUNNEL. Wanganui Herald, Volume XXXXIII, Issue 12490, 16 June 1908, Page 5

The boring of the Arthur's Pass tunnel contines in good country, and, though wet, is fairly good. Driving the heading is now in a distance of some 40 yards, the ground having gradually hardened from the time the surface was broken, and there seems no likelihood of a stretch of good country being met with for some time at all events.

At the foot of Holts Creek, the new site of the power house, the ground has been levelled and prepared, and the work of erecting the building will be put m hand forthwith. The changing of the sites will mean a great reduction in the length of pipes required, and there will also be a saving in power, for the great loss of power that would naturally take place in the run along the flat has been abolished by placing the power house immediately at the foot of the creek, and close to its confluence with the Rolleston River. The original site is being utilised for the erection of three-roomed cottages for the married men.

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