Gainsborough Subdivision, West Melton

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Gainsborough Subdivision, West Melton.


As the new subdivision will make a large impact on West Melton, it is timely to provide an update. Inside the News we have also published some of the plans. The subdivision is located in two blocks straddling the Main West Coast Road, as shown on page 6.
The Northern block, named 'Gainsborough', is planned for release and marketing at the end of 2006 and first quarter of 2007 according to Robin Hughes, of the developers R D Hughes Developments Ltd. They also developed 'Northwood' in Christchurch and 'Sandona Olive Groves' in Ohoka.
Mr Hughes says Gainsborough will be a planned quality development, providing a range of block sizes, mainly 1200m2 to 8500m2 - significantly bigger than city sections but much smaller than the typical 10 acre lifestyle block.
At present no subdivision application has been made for the South block.

The Gainsborough subdivision (North block) will be a major change to the West Melton landscape. Rosie Jowett of the Selwyn District Council (SDC) says the Council has approved the subdivision, with some objections to the engineering of infrastructure such as roading, water and sewers still to be resolved.Gainsborough is 61 ha in size, and will be divided into around 200 properties, similarly to the plan on page 7. It will have an average property size of about 3000 m2 (3/4 of an acre), varying from 1200 m2 close to the West Melton Township to 8800 m2 in the North East corner.This is significantly larger than the current West Melton Township of 50 properties.The existing trees on the block will be retained as much as possible, and two reserves are planned, seen on the plan on page 7, opposite the West Melton School.
Water will be supplied to households by a separate new well, in the North Block, at a depth of 80m. Sewage will be piped to Rolleston, for treatment at their plant. The SDC are looking at plans to include the existing West Melton Township in the scheme.Plans are also being considered for realigning the road intersection between Halkett Rd and the Main West Coast Rd, with a right turn lane into Halkett Rd.

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