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A map published in "The Press" on Monday intending to show what land at Rolleston had been acquired and what had been released was out of date, said the District Commissioner of Works (Mr P. F. Reynolds).
"The plan of Rolleston printed on Monday purports to show land acquired by the Government together with areas of farmland released recently by the Minister .of Works and Development," he said.
"This plan, which was not obtained from the Ministry, 'is out of date regarding the area acquired. It also shows :a block of land- in Goulds iRoad, known as South Road 'Farm, as being excluded ifrom development, whereas >the Minister, directed that any such release of land I should be confined to prime farmland on the eastern periohery.
"The uplifting of the notice of intention on this block was the result of a clerical error within the ' depart-iment," Mr Reynolds said. ! "Since the area in ques-Ition obviously forms an inte-'gral part of the new town, I believe it will be necessary to reimpose the notice of intention," he said.
The map published today shows (in dotted shading) the land actually acquired, whicji with .areas where negotiations have reached an advanced stage comprises almost 25 per cent of the "desired total.
The areas of prime farmland released on the eastern periphery are also shown (in vertical shading). The Goulds /, Road block • has been ex- ' eluded .for reasons already stated by Mr Reynolds.
The map published on Monday was submitted by Mr I D. G. Watson.

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