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In issuing notices of intention to take 10,000 acres at Rolleston to establish a new town, the Government had "frozen" the land, which could not now be sold except to the State, said the Minister of Works and Development (Mr Watt) yesterday. Source: Christchurch Press, Friday, November 30, 1973

"The issue of notice of intention is simply an expression of the Government's intention to acquire the land," said the Minister. "It is not intended that the land will be taken without adequate compensation being paid, or without the opportunity for those who wish to retain their homes with a reason-able area of land to do this.

"We wish to negotiate to buy, and intend to pay the fair market value. Action has been delayed until now so that all owners will have the benefi of the more generous and liberal compensation provided by the recent amendment to the Public Works Act."

The Minister said that all those directly affected could lodge a written objection to ........................ning Appeal Board. This must  be done within 40 days of publication of the notice of intention to take. The objection was heard by the board at a public hearing, unless the objector required otherwise. The property was bought at the current market value, plus a $1500 solatium payment if the landowner's home was taken. If an owner lacked finance to bridge the difference between what he got for his old home and the cost of a new one, he could receive a supplementary loan of up to 15 per cent of the value of the property taken. There was also provision for payment of money to make up for disturbance to the home-owner, and legal cost could also be met by..........

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