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Rolleston School 1893-

Rolleston School.

Thirty-six pupils began at the new Rolleston School in the week of 13- 17 June, 1893.

First to be enrolled was Robert Thomas Donaughey,  whose father farmed seventy hectares. By the end of the year fifty-two children were enrolled. Some were new pupils, others transferred from Weedons, New Headford Catholic (at Ellesmere), or Christchurch Normal.

Prominent names included Kelly, Ealam, Reddington, Needham, Lowe, Benny and Newton.

Of those fifty-two, one died, fifteen moved away, and for thirty-five of both sexes, their destination was recorded as ‘home' - back to work on the family property usually. Most were educated to standard four or five. Only one - Henry Newton - went on to secondary school, at Christchurch West District High.

The original school building was one room, divided into two parts, with one teacher taking the ‘infants', and a Head Teacher. The same building
served the district well until demolished in 1974.

Only eight pupils went directly from Rolleston to secondary school between 1893 and 1920 - but the great majority transferred to other schools. Many of these were Railway children whose fathers transferred from district to district frequently. By 1920 very few pupils left school without Primary School Certificate (Standard six) at least.

Before World War Two the average stay in the standard classes was about two years per pupil. For some years pupils would have to transfer to
Hornby to sit the ‘Proficiency' exam (which pupils had to pass to get into secondary school.

Between the wars, thirty pupils went on to secondary school. Mostly they attended Christchurch West (now Hagley High); some went across town to Christchurch Technical College.

By the mid-sixties the average stay in the standards was three and one half years, reflecting a much more stable population, fewer railway transfers and a school leaving age of fifteen.

The school took its one thousandth new entrant about 1961-62, after seventy years. Today,(1988) twenty-five years on, with two hundred plus on the roll the two thousand mark is very close at hand.

School started at 9.3Oam in the early days, lucky children? Probably not as it would seem the idea was to give them time to do home chores such as milking the cows before setting off, sometimes for several miles, on foot or horseback. At least one teacher, Nancy Pointon, rode a horse every day from Burnham to the school.

In her family memoirs, Dulcie Innes (daughter of Ida Chambers) writes:

‘In June 1911, it was decided to close the school for one week from the 16th in honour of the Coronation of His Majesty King George the Fifth. Fireworks, a bonfire and a special tea were planned, and the head teacher, Mr Burton, was to arrange for the children to sing a few songs. Two boxes of fireworks and bundles of firewood were procured for the evening and Messrs Ellis (the Chairman) and Pearce were to bring their drays to cart gorse for the bonfire. Four dozen rosettes were bought to give the pupils to wear'.

Ida Chambers remembers: ‘One of the head teachers at Rolleston was John Voss, Dad (Thomas Pearce) said Mr Voss had been bald when he first saw him, but arrived with a head full of hair. He had two wigs - one for week days and a special one for Sundays. The Sunday one we called the ‘drake tail' because of the curl in the front'.

Maureen Brosnahan remembers the school in the thirties couldn't put together a netball team (then called basketball, and nine-a-side). For interschool games, Rolleston, Burnham and Weedons would contribute three players each; Weedons and Rolleston would combine for concerts and fancy-dress dances.

For many years the school held an annual picnic. Some were held in the school grounds, others at Ashburton, Sumner, New Brighton, Purau or Coes Ford. Trains and special trains were made available for Ashburton and Christchurch picnics. Ida Chambers tells how her father would always boil a ham and prepare sandwiches. Others would supply cake or fruit. Kissels, the Templeton grocer, would supply free lollies. For transport to Coes Ford, locals would supply box carts, wagonettes, springcarts, fourwheelers and traps as required.

In the early years there was a swimming pool, but it was never filled with water, and finally after a child fell in, it was refilled with earth. For many years there was also a popular tennis court.

From Two visions Fulfilled - The story of Rolleston from 1866 to the present day. By David Palmer published 1988


ROLLESTON is named after the late Hon. William Rolleston, the last Superintendent of Canterbury. It was originally part of Messers Fitzgerald and Cox's sheep run, and was cut up for settlement in the early sixties.

Among the first colonists at Rolleston were Messrs Levi Lowe, senior, Henry Trott, John McIlroy, Robert McIlroy, John Kelly, John Crowe, Michael Lysaght, W. P. H. Benny, R. Golloway. and Isaac Walker. Rolleston is situated on the main south railway line, fourteen miles south-west from Christchurch, and is the junction of the Springfield and Whiteciffs branch lines. The main south road, over which there is considerable traffic, runs through the district. There is a Hotel opposite the railway station, a public school, and a blacksmith's shop; public saleyards and homesteads are scattered over the plains.

All the land, which is of a somewhat light nature, has been put under crop, anti returns an average yield of between thirty and forty bushels of oats to the acre, and front twenty to thirty bushels of wheat. Large clumps and plantations of trees have done much to modify the violence of the nor-west gales, which were formerly very destructive. Rolleston is partly in the Courtenay road board district, and partly in the Springs road board district.

The Rolleston Public School was erected in June 1893, and is a substantial wooden building, well-lighted and lofty. It. stands in a spacious playground, in one corner of which is the schoolmaster's residence. There are forty-six scholars on the roll. The school committee consists of Messrs John Ellis (chairman), N. Newton, W. Payne, J.W. Halliday, J. Kelly, T. Harris, and D. Marshall.

Mr Bernard O'Shaugnessy, Headmaster of the Rolleston school, is a son of an old resident of Springfield. He served as a pupil-teacher at the Kowai Pass school, and was afterwards at the Normal School, Christchurch, for two years. After acting as relieving master for some time, he was appointed master of the Rolleston school, at its opening. Mr O'Shaughnessy holds a D certificate.    The Cyclopedia of New Zealand. 1903 pg 726


February 1999 Issue no 82  ROLLESTON SCHOOL NEWS

1999 has got off to a good start with 214 pupils presently enrolled at school. A welcome to our new Reading Recovery Teacher Mrs P Godfrey and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome new families to the Rolleston area. If you have children turning five this year make contact with the school office for a visit to see what Rolleston School has to offer.

I have had notification that builders have been invited to tender for the building of a two classroom block which will be sited near Room 6. Hopefully it will be completed near the beginning of term two.

I was very disappointed to learn of the vandalism to the school during the Christmas holiday break. A considerable amount of broken beer bottles in the swimming pool enclosure and some glass in the pool. It is sad that some of the youth of our township can resort to such pettiness and put swimming pool users at risk of serious injury. The under age drinkers in our school grounds at night is of considerable concern, the police are aware of this and will take appropriate action. Fortunately our pool operator Karen Nuttall took immediate action and cleaned up the broken glass. Thank you Karen.

On a more positive note the senior children have been practising hard for the school Triathlon and we should have a good team this year to represent Rolleston at the Lincoln Zone Triathlon at Burnham on Tuesday 9 February.


Rolleston School Swimming Sports at Burnham, Tuesday 23 February p/p day 25 February
Lincoln Zone Swimming Sports at Burnham, Thursday 4 March p/p day 5 March
Safe Cycling Week for Rooms 1,2,6,7 and 8 starting Monday 8 March

Rolleston Review April 1999 issue no 83 ROLLESTON SCHOOL NEWS

Where has the first term gone? The really hot weather lately has put our new sunshade to the test. The twelve metre square shade area is proving a very popular place in the school to cool off. On the sporting scene our children have done well in the recent Lincoln Area and other sports fixtures.


Matthew Anker = 1st Junior Boys Individual.  Aisha Hunter, Alicia Coles, Kimberley Rockhouse = 3rd Junior Girls Team Event
Sabiena Van der zee, Stacey Atkinson, Emma Walker = 4th Senior Girls Team Event
Blair Bird, Cayle McDonald, Tamati Luke = 6th Senior Boys Team Event


Matthew Anker = 6th


Matthew Anker = 2nd


Thomas Godsmark 8yrs Championship B/stroke = 1st Hiria Godsmark lOyrs Championship B/stroke = 3rd Christopher Pryor 9yrs Non Championship B/stroke = 3rd Erica Curry lOyrs Non Championship B/stroke = 2nd Tamati Luke llyrs Non Championship B/stroke = 3rd Kayla Hunter llyrs Non Championship B/stroke = 3rds. - Mixed Relays Matthew Anker, Christopher Pryor, Natasja Van der Zee, Aisha Hunter, 9yrs mixed = 1st
Andrew Ferguson, Mark Pirie, Hiria Godsmark, Erica Curry, 10yrs mixed = 2nd Tamati Luke, Blair Ferguson, Sabiena Van der Zee, Nicole Stewart, 12+yrs mixed = 1st


Tim Sheenan was awarded the 8yrs Trophy. Michael Sheenan broke three records. They also competed at the NZOCGA. Canterbury Athletics Club 1999 Olympic Championships and Tim was awarded two finalist ribbons and Michael received four.

The school house has been purchased by the Ministry of Education and will be sold for removal. The swimming pool closed after Easter and it would be appreciated if key holders would return pool keys to the school office.

Recently we have had cars driven in the school playground making ruts in the playing fields. If you see any cars being driven around the school playgrounds, please note the registration numbers and let me know. Thanks.

A warm welcome to new families to the school district. Term two commences on Monday 19 April.

I Kinley, Principal. 


It is with great pride that our school choir, drama gtoup and recorder group performed at the opening of the Rolleston Community Complex. What a great asset this facility will be to our school district. The Life Education Mobile Classroom visited the school 28 April 3 May. All classes participated in lessons ranging from "I like being Me" for Year 1 to "Friends" for year 6 and "Making Choices" for year 7/8 pupils. . These were well received programmes and Margaret Shead, the Life Education Tutor, remarked on the excellent behaviour of our children.

I would like to make it known to the community that skating and skateboarding is prohibited in the school grounds. Constant damage to school equipment and concrete areas has necessitated this action.

It is with regret that I advise that Sue Guthrie, Deputy Principal, will be leaving us at the end of term. She has been appointed Assistant Principal at St Albans School which is a promotion step. Sue has been a staff member for five years and made a valued contribution to our school. We wish her well in her new position.

The Lincoln Zone Cross Country was held on Tuesday 25 May at a now venue, the Halswell Quarry. Placings of note were: Natasha Cantwell - 9th, Alicia Coles - 12th, Anton Rutter - 15th - congratulations Natasha Cantwell will be representing Rolleston and the Lincoln Zone in the Senior Girls team running at the Canterbury Primary School Cross Country Championship at Burnside Park on Wednesday 9 June. Good luck Natasha

A welcome to new families to the school district. The third term will commence on Monday 12 July. 

Rolleston Review August 2000, issue no 91 ROLLESTON SCHOOL NEWS

The school roll is now 242 and we welcome to the staff Mis. Freeman who is teaching Year 1 in Room 4. The large new entrant class has been split with Mrs. Gleeson teaching a smaller group of children who have recently started school.

On the sporting scene our Basketball Team in the Primary Schools Competition is achieving some success. Player of the Day awards have been presented to Tamati Luke, Emma Ash, Aimee Mackie, Chris Radford, Nicole Stewart, Aisha Hunter, Anton Rutter and Anahera Heremia. The team finished second in their B grade competition and have been promoted to A grade for the next round of games. Well done team.

School results from the recent Lincoln Zone Hockey and Soccer Tournament held at Bumham:

 Hockey -Junior B Grade 3rd -Senior B Grade 1st Soccer -Junior A Grade 1st -Junior B Grade 1st -Senior B Grade 3rd.

Our Junior A Grade soccer team will be representing the Lincoln Zone at the Primary Schools Winter Sports Tournament on Monday 28 August at Hagley Park.

Congratulations to our teams and we wish the Junior A soccer team every success at the coming tournament

Our year 4, 5 and 6 Rugby team played in the Cantabrian Fun Day Tournament held recently on the University Grounds at llam. Our team did very well winning the three games played. My thanks to Lindsay Martin who coached the team and the parents who provided transport to the tournament It was an exciting day. Congratulations team.

The recent 'Kite' unit at school was most successful, with senior pupils working with the junior children in mixed groups across the school. The co-operation and helpfulness of our senior pupils working with the younger children to design, make and then fly the kites was a real pleasure to watch. The unseasonal windless weather postponed the kite flying but we did manage to get some of the kites in the air. A really great technology unit and a great effort from all pupils Well done.

 Rolleston Review October 2000, issue 92 - ROLLESTON SCHOOL NEWS

It was unfortunate that the Canterbury Winter Sports Tournament had to be cancelled and the teams from our school were unable to participate. My thanks to the parents for their help with coaching the children. A Kiwi Sport Day was held on Wednesday 6th September and was a great fun day for
our children. It was really great to see so many parents supporting their children.

Athletics is the main sporting feature this term and I would hope that parents ensure that their children practice running to build up fitness for our sports day and the Lincoln Zone Athletics Sports at QE11 on Friday 3 November.

The first of the Outdoor Education Camps for 2000 was held at Woodend from the llth to 13th September. The Room 10 children had a wonderful time meeting and achieving interesting challenges. Camps for other senior classes will be held this term in Wainui, Living Springs and Hanmer Forest Park.

A reminder for summer term, please ensure that your child has a suitable sun hat to wear during play breaks. Thank you.

I have indicated to the Board of Trustees my intention to retire at the end of this school year, after 42 years of teaching service, the last 13 being at Rollcston School. I hope you had a good holiday break with your children.

 Rolleston Review December 2000, issue no 93 - ROLLESTON SCHOOL NEWS DECEMBER 2000

At the time of writing this article only eleven school days until the end of the term. Where has the last thirteen years gone? In the past few days I have taken time to reflect back over my time as Principal of Rolleston School. I have always enjoyed being part of this school and I have worked with wonderfully supportive Board of Trustees members, staff and parents and over the years had the pleasure of teaching delightful children from
this community.The time has come to say goodbye and I take with me many memories and know that the school will continue in the capable hands of Mr Nick Fair, the new principal of Rolleston School 2001.

Thankyou parents for your support of our school over the years. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have known you.

School resumes on Tuesday 30 January 2001 at 8.55am.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Trustees a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Ian Kinley Principal


On behalf of the Board of Trustees I would just like to say a few words regarding our Principal, Ian Kinley. Ian is retiring at the end of the year after 13 years of service at Rolleston School. He started in January 1988 as principal with a roll of around 250 children. Over the years, with the changes to the prison and the surrounding schools the roll dropped to around 150 causing Ian to take on the roll of teaching principal. He spent many years teaching the Form 2 class and has only just last year taken up full time as a Principal with the roll rising once again to around 250. During this time Ian has been very popular with the children, parents and staff and has fulfilled his position admirably. [ would like thank Ian for all his hard work and dedication over the years and wish him and his wife Margaret all the best in their retirement. Lesley Ward Rolleston Board of Trustees

 Rolleston Review 1 April 2001 issue no 95 ROLLESTON SCHOOL NEWS

What a busy term we are having. Here are a few classroom happenings. The Juniors have covered Health Topic: Me and the School Environment, Science - water play and knowledge as well as food technology making bread, pop com and ginger beer and they have also been visiting the local supermarket. The seniors have been making paper and taking part in the Suzanne Prentice Choir in the Christchurch Town Hall. 1 was delighted to go to the Selwyn District Library in Rolleston recently with room four children. What a tremendous asset this is for our community. Our children are very fortunate to have this right here in our Rolleston Community. Our 27 swimmers did very well at the Lincoln Zone sport with Thomas Godsmark and Natasja Van der Zee qualifying for the Canterbury Swimming Championships held at QE11 pool on Thursday 29 March.

Skateboarding is an ever popular activity for a number of Rolleston pupils. Our Wednesday Skateboarding day has seen a fantastic improvement in skill levels. A set of new ramps and boxes has encouraged this group to execute many skilful turns and jumps. This activity will take a well earned rest at the end of term to allow the scooters to have their turn.

We are right in the middle of our triennial Board of Trustees elections. It is pleasing to see that six candidates have allowed their names to go forward and we await the results in early April. A very special thanks to retiring chairperson Shorty Tyson and Secretary Lesley Ward who have like many trustees before them contributed much to the operation of Rolleston School.

We are going through a review about the way we clean and maintain Rolleston School. Currently we are appointing a caretaker with cleaning and maintenance tasks. We look forward to this appointment for next term.

The Board is also developing a ten year plan for the school to allow for an orderly development of new classrooms as well as a new administration building including a new staffroom. This is a very important project as the school continues to grow.

The school pedestrian crossing will be developed as a controlled signed crossing in the next few months. The Selwyn District Council has allocated funds for this development and we look forward to having a safer crossing. In the meantime we appreciate the care and consideration traffic is taking when passing the current crossing and stopping. We have instructed our traffic wardens not to wave traffic through, as vehicles should be stopping for pedestrians.

This year we are trialling an Incentive Programme for Year 7 & 8 [Form 1 & 2] students. Those who have met this term's requirement will on 3 April have time at the Alpine Ice-Skating Rink. For term one, 48 out of 70 have met the requirements to go. Next term every Yr 7 & 8 student will have a fresh chance to meet a new set of objectives and take part in another incentive day. A special thank you to parents and members of the Rolleston Community who have supported our programmes over the last term. Your help and encouragement is much appreciated.

Nick Farr-Principal

Rolleston Review February 2001 issue no 94 ROLLESTON PRIMARY SCHOOL

Rolleston Primary School has made a great start into 2001 with 251 pupils in ten classes. Three new staff members have been added to the teaching team. They include Miss Sandra Keenan who will be teaching a year 2/3 class, Mr Clive Madge who will be teaching a year 7/8 class and me, Nick Fair, your new principal who intends to have some involvement in all classes.

A very special thanks to all the parents who have popped into school to say hello and welcome me to Rolleston. I have certainly enjoyed my first few days here and look forward to meeting more of you as the year progresses.

There are two things which I wish to bring to the attention of all parents and residents of Rolleston.

The first is the safety of our Rolleston children as they travel to and from school. We at school will be reminding them of safe road sense habits and we encourage parents to do the same. Walking with your children from home or your parked car is also helpful. No matter what we do children can be unpredictable and we need your support, driving vigilance and slow speed when passing the school especially the pedestrian crossing to keep our children safe.

The second is the Board of Trustee elections which will be held on 30 March this year. Now is the time for parents to consider becoming more involved with the management of the school. There are a number of new and exciting building developments ahead and your school needs a team of Trustees to ensure that these are carried through so that Rolleston School continues to provide quality education in top quality facilities with the best resources that are available to it. I am happy to answer any questions about Trusteeship if parents want to know more. Nomination forms will be available from the school office about mid February.

Rolleston children are looking forward to a busy year. Class programmes have started and I will share snippets about topics under study in the next Review. In the meantime however swimming instruction began for all levels in early February. A special thank you to parents who are giving help in the running of these programmes, without your help these programmes would not be able to operate. The Juniors will use the school pool at Springston and the Seniors at Burnham we appreciate these pools being made available for us. Our more skilled and water-fit swimmers will be working very hard to get a place in the Lincoln Zone sports to be held on the 9 March. Watch this space for some great results.

Nick Fair - Principal 

Rolleston Review no 128 December 2006 ROLLESTON SCHOOL 

 On the Right Track... Driving, Striving, Thriving!

The busy year at Rolleston School is summed up very nicely in the new mission statement developed by the Board of Trustees after extensive consultation with families and staff about future directions for the school. Our school has a proud history, having served this area since 1893 and the Board and Staff are determined to build on this. The school's work will be underpinned by our core values and beliefs as stated in our charter:  Honesty, Respect, Integrity, School Family (togetherness) and ENJOYMENT!

The Board is currently looking at preparing a property development plan that will set the school's development over the next five to ten years. Plans include: the development of a new permanent classroom block, the building of a modern library/information centre and the construction of a school hall where we can meet together to celebrate our many achievements.

Planning for the future is a tricky business in such a fast growing area. On an almost daily basis we are presented with new families looking to start children at school. Because of this it is essential that all local families keep us well informed about up and coming enrolments. We are keen to know well in advance of any new children and your help in this area would be appreciated.

Your local school continues to thrive!

Children enjoy a wide range of opportunities and experiences including: outdoor education; music tuition in flute, violin, brass, piano, guitar and drums; choir; a full range of sports and inter-school competitions; speech competitions; whole school activities in "whanau groups" led by senior students; school productions ... the list goes on!

We have a commitment to developing our senior students as leaders in their school. Full primary schools like ours offer a unique opportunity for children to experience leadership roles. Unlike an intermediate, which may have 300 Year 7 to 8 students and therefore limited opportunity for leadership for everyone, with lower numbers we can offer every senior student a chance to experience leadership. Next year we will provide special recognition of these roles with "leadership badges" for students offering service to their school. Rolleston School is a lively growing place. It is an exciting place to be. This does not happen on its own. Without the hard work of the Board, the generous support of the PTA, parents and wider business community, and the dedication of talented teachers and support staff, the school would not be what it is.

This is not to forget the most important people here: the children. Your children arewonderful. They surprise us daily, make us smile and try so hard.
At the end of my first year here as Principal I can definitely say we are ... on the right track, driving, striving and thriving!

Andrew Morrall

 From the Rolleston Review August 2007

Since the last Board of Trustees update in March your representatives and staff have been working extremely hard for Rolleston School as we enter into a phase of intense building development.

Not on the building theme but still very important is an investment in a new school-wide management system called ETAP. ft is to be introduced over the next few months and will allow the electronic recording of the roll, a comprehensive record of your child's achievement across many areas from Year One in the form of graphs and tables, allowing our wonderful teaching staff to have the latest tools for our students, parents and their own management purposes.

We have finalised the school overall plan which is the placement of buildings and playgrounds for future development for the next five years. Our architect has worked with us to come up with an exciting plan to manage our growth and maintain high standards of classroom comfort. You will be able to see the plan in the school office soon.

You will see some work has been carried out to remove trees on Tennyson Street which hampered our development plans. It will look a bit bare for a time as we await new planting, fencing and landscaping to take hold. Wilson Field will soon have a state of the art confidence course for our senior students. It will have 13 stations for agility, upper body strength and balance; they will be linked by a running track and will free up some of our other play equipment for younger students. We have asked for community assistance with the placing of boxing and sawdust under these stations to save the expense of the commercial equivalent. There will be a lot more landscaping right around Wilson Field.

With the overall plan now finalised we can turn our attention to actual building design. We have recently accepted a tender from Ross Maguire Architects for the design of a new two-storey, six classroom block to be placed on the rear boundary next to the rear car park. We are hoping that this will be ready by sometime in term one 2008.

We have also asked for some initial design work for a hall and library with other ancillary rooms. While we do not have all the funding for this, we wish to be ahead of ourselves. We have been on a tour of new halls throughout Christchurch and now have some firm ideas on what is best for Rolleston School. You can view our development plans in the window of the school office. It is a living document so is subject to change.

The temporary classrooms are now placed on the rear of Wilson Field and these are upgraded and landscaped ready for occupation any day for new entrants. These will be rooms 21. 22 and 23, but are only temporary i.e. we do not own them and will return to the Ministry pool once we have caught up on our building programme.

The area east of the library, which struggles to retain its grass surface due to the shade sails, will be resurfaced with asphalt very soon as well as some new planting.

We also have a desperate shortage of outside seating and some locals businesses are to be approached for sponsorship of hexagonal picnic tables. Any community assistance would be appreciated.

Finally, as Rolleston grows, so do we. On the first day of term three our acting Principal Darryn Aitchison enrolled 21 students so we will need those six new classrooms rather soon!

If you can assist with any of our projects I ask that you call Leanne Brown on 347 9317 or email slbrown@,

Owen Melhuish Board Chairman

From the Rolleston Review December 2007 issue no134  ROLLESTON SCHOOL HALL FUNDRAISING 2008

Rolleston School is excited to announce that it is holding its first fair for many years on Saturday 1 March 2008. It will include lots of entertainment, mini jeeps, food, pony rides, and teachers' baby photos. All funds will go towards the school's new hall. The school needs a hall because currently assemblies are held outside, and only on fine days. Last term, only three assemblies were held because of the weather. It is very difficult to have the whole school performing together, and due to lack of space any special productions and events must be held off-site.

The Rolleston Community Centre can be used at times, but this has to be booked in advance. It would be great for the school and the wider community to have a dedicated hall on location.

Headmaster Andrew Morrell states: "It is imperative that we have a school hall. It adds to the tone and spirit of the school. It is like a meeting place on the marae". The school hall will be in excess of 400 square metres and is likely to be located behind the end of Room 1.

No-one appears to know when the last fair was held, so totals of takings on the day are unable to be estimated. So far there are over 40 parents and helpers on hand to volunteer before and on the day. More details will be released as 1 March approaches. Let's get together, support Rolleston's primary school and make this a wonderful event. Ruha Goodwill (Ms) Organiser

From the Rolleston Review February 2008 issue no 135

Rolleston School, like its surrounding town, continues to grow. The school will open with around 580 students this year. 2008 is the start of an exciting time at the school as the Board and Staff look to re-fresh the school's image and develop facilities for the future.

With a fresh new colour scheme, new front fence, an exciting new fitness circuit and landscape developments on-going, the environment is looking great. An in-ground watering system and careful work by Mark Treweek ("Tree"), the school caretaker, will see the school continue to improve its look over the year.

The pupils at the school will lift their image over the next two years as well. The revised school uniform, now sold exclusively through the school uniform shop, looks extremely smart and will certainly ensure that Rolleston students in any setting will stand out! Comments to date about the uniform have been very positive. Any queries about uniform purchase may be made through the school office.

A new two storey six classroom block is the first of many projects planned over the coming months. Once completed another two storey block will follow along with an Information Centre and a wonderful school hall. Within four years our school will be made up of new facilities. It is really exciting to be part of the team developing this school, which has served its community since 1893. Keep your eyes on the new developments and do come and join us for the openings of our new facilities once they are completed.

Andrew Morrall Principal


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