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The monthly meeting of the Ellesmere School Committee was held on Nov. 24: present Messrs W. Chamberlain (chairman), Turner, Blay, Collins and Gallagher. Correspondence was received from the Board relative to the proposed boundary for the new school district, and it was resolved to recommend a slight alteration at the junction of Gould's and Leeston Roads. The Inspector's report was received and considered excellent, and a hearty vote of thanks was passed, congratulating the master on the splendid result of his work. The Chairman stated that the contractor hoped to get the new school finished by Christmas time. It was decided to hold the next meeting on Dec. 17 to arrange about prizes and the opening of the new building.   (Star , Issue 6346, 28 November 1898, Page 2 Papers Past)

Ellesmere School Committee:

 At the usual monthly meeting of the Ellesmere School Committee, there were present Messrs William Chamberlain (chairman), Turner, Blay, and Fincham. The master's report showed the attendance to be satisfactory, and stated that the boys were making good progress in practical surveying. As the master had offered to teach the manual exercises and physical drill of the rifle instruction, the chairman said he would have much pleasure in presenting the school with a set of dummy rifles. The committee heartily thanked Mr Chamberlain for his generous gift, and accorded the master a very hearty vote of thanks for his valuable services in teaching rifle drill and practical surveying, realising the vast importance of a knowledge of these two subjects to lads in a farming district. The chairman stated that the work of erecting the gymnastic apparatus was nearly completed. (Ellesmere Guardian, Volume XX, Issue 2056, 31 May 1899, Page 3 Papers Past)


 Opening of the Ellesmere District School:

 There was a large gathering of residents and visitors to the number of two hundred or more at Ellesmere on Saturday last on the occasion of the opening of tbe new state school.

The building is a substantial, well-finished structure of wood of the latest design and has been built on a section of one acre given for the purpose by Mr Chamberlain, Chairman of the School Committee, who also gave an additional half acre as a site for the teacher's residence.

The residents of the district are doubly indebted to Mr. Chamberlain as it was chiefly through his repeated applications and importunity that  the Board of Education was induced to build. The Board was represent by Messrs Peryman and Rennie who both expressed the pleasure they felt in being present on such an auspicious occasion. Mr. Peryrnan said the new school was a good sample of the small schools the Board was erecting in country districts and that he hoped to be present when the building shoud be enlarged. Mr Rennie spoke in terms of praise regarding Mr. Chamberlain's generosity in giving the land for the school site, saying that such an example of public spirit was worthy of imitation and added that the district was fortunate in having such an excellent master as Mr. Williams in charge of its young people.

The prizes were then distributed by Mr Chamberlain, who explained that as the school passed 100 per cent, every scholar got a prize, though there was no order of merit. During the afternoon, games of all kinds were indulged in and afternoon tea was dispensed. Altogether, a very enjoyable afternoon was spent by children, parents, and visitors.

The following is the prize list : - Standard V - James Gallagher, Wm, Collins, May Collins. Ellen Elford. Standard IV - Earnest Chamberlain, Percy Chamberlain. Standard 111 - Sarah Chamberlain, Elizabeth Collins. Standard ll -May Blay, Alice Turner. Standard I- Claud Turner, Reginald Chamberlain, Sarah Blay. Infants - Alice Chamberlain, Leslie Henderson, Albert Savings, Edith Chamberlain, Sophy Henderson. (Ellesmere Guardian, Volume XX, Issue 2014, 7 January 1899, Page 3, Papers Past)






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