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Held 5th, 6th, 7th of November 1993


Conversazionne at the Rolleston School commencing at 7.30pm. Cheese and nibbles, a complementary glass with a complementary glass of wine or fruit juice. Further drinks may be purchased.

12.30pm at Rolleston Primary School Official Opening
Ringing of the Bell - Mr Sommerville / Scott Hedley Raising of the flag and singing of the National Anthem
Speeches: Board of Trustees Chairman - John Mehrtens Centennial Committee Chairman - Graham Wilson
Items by the School Choir
Speeches: Mayor Bill Woods
President Headmaster - Ian Kinlay
Items by the School Instrumental Group
Speech Miss Joan Slade
Cutting of the Cake - Ida Chambers / Sandy Galvin
Roll Call
Decade Photos
Planting of a tree
Afternoon Tea will be available through out the afternoon, 5,30pm at Rolleston Primary School
Smorcfasboard Dinner 8.00pm at Rolleston Primary School Social/Dance

11.00am at Rolleston Primary School
Church Service in School Grounds CAR PARKING - Primary School Grounds
PHOTOGRAPHS - Photographs will cost approx $15.00 each which
includes mounting, lamination and postage.
Functions will be admittance by ticket only.
The School will be open from 9.30am to 2.30pm for anyone who wishes to view the classes today.


Officiating Minister: Rev, Don Prince (Past Chairperson*, Rollestqn School Committee.) Ecumenical Chaplain, Christchurch Hospital,

Kia tau ki a koutou, te atawhai me te rangimarie, o te Atua. Grace and peace to you from God.
HYMN: Sing Praise and Thanksgiving.
..1. Sing praise and thanksgiving, let all creatures living now worship their maker with gladness and song; all glory and honour we come to him bringing: 0 praise to the Almighty/ sing praise to our God!
2. Our lives to his making he brings to our waking;
in darkness he held us in his gracious care,
now into the light we are called from our sleeping:
3. Lord, frame our desiring to do your requiring,
that unto your glory be all that we do;
and where we have faltered, give strength and give healing.
Paul Gerhardt 1607-76, adapted by Colin Gibson 1933 -
Prayer of • Thanksgiving For Country:
Blessed are you, God of the universe. You have created us, and given us life.'
Blessed are you,. God of the planet earth.
You have set our world like a radiant jewel in the heavens,
and filled it with action, beauty, suffering, struggle and hope,
Blessed are you, God of Aotearoa New Zealand in all the people who live here, in all the lessons we have learned, in all that remains for us to do.
Blessed are you because you need us;
because you make us worthwhile, because you give us people to love and work to do
for your universe, for your world, and for ourselves.

from: "A New Zealand Prayer Book".


Thankyou to all our sponsors for their contribution to the success of the Rolleston Primary Centennial.:Trustbank, Santa Rosa Poultry Farm, Griffins Foods, Eleanor and Terry Payne, Meredith Wilson, David Philpott Accountancy
Graham Wilson, Carolyn and John Wright, Platt Contracting, Oderings Nursery, Ngaire Campbell, Selwyn Lionesses, Rolleston Lions and Districts,
Hornby Florist, Turkeyvill Templeton Ltd, Rolleston Dairy.

1900-1930 Boyd, Muriel (Davidson) - Chambers, Ida - Green, Joseph - Somnnerville, Douglas - Whyte, Gwendoline (Calder),

1930-1940 Brosnahan, James - Brosnahan, John - Dallard, Jim - Fitzgibbon, Denise (Stewart) - Fitzgibbon, Gladstone - Fitzgibbon, Rosemarie (O'Carrol) - Morrison, Kevin - Morrison, Mervyn - Palmer, Nola (Timewell) - Pearce, Arthur - Pearce, Una (Boulton) - Willetts, Ngarie (White) - Willetts, William - Wilson, Graham

1940-1950 Buchan, Margaret (Anderson) - Cousins, Peter - Davidson, Jennifer (Heslop) - Fitzgibbon, Tisch (Casey) - Hall, Gail (Palmer) -
Lowe, Hazel (Gregg) - Lynch, Merle (Morris) - Palmer, Brian - Palmer, Desmond - Watson, David - Watson, Trevor

1950-1980  Dreaver, Jill (Webb) - Foster, David - Foster, Heather (McMillan) - Foster, Lorraine (Amyas) - Hall, Michael - Jackman, Juliet (Brunton) -
Le Cornte, Iris (McLeod) - La Comte, John - Nicolle, Carole (Williams) - Nicolle, Susan (Williams) - Willetts, Eleanor (Payne) - Willetts Muriel (Smith) -
Wilson, Meredith

1960-1970 Brosnahan, Allan -  Brosnahan Barbara (Walker) Campbell Fiona (Reardon) Campbell Janice (Reardon) Champ Steven Cutts Rebseca (Keen) Foster Jennifer (Millar) Hawkins Veronica (Lewis) Hindie Janet (Karauria) Hindis Judith (Payna) Jackman Robyn (Bakkar) Maroon Raawyn (Willdtts) Millar Wayne Minio Brycd Minto Stephen Olson Deborah (Whitaker) Olsen Kathryn (Cantin) Phi Hp Anthony Philip Joan (Silverwood> Philip Stephen Qulnlan Michaai Read Judith (Murphy) Reed Susan (Welsh) Robinson Margaret Schaap Cornelia (Berry) Schaap Marion (Barnes) Schaap Pieternella (Prebbie) Simpson Ann (Mallon) WlllettaJohn Wilson Raylean (Clarke) Wiison Valerie (Stronach) Wilson Wayne Wiison Yvonne (Wai!)
Bailey Grainne - Butts David - Butts Neil - Champ Jayne - Champ Katrina - Charniey Philippa - Charniey Sandra {Hawtin) - Goodgame Michelle -
MacKenna Andrew - MacKenna Paul - Meadows Karen (Ellmers) - Morris Grant - Morris Vania (Payne) - Pearce Raewyn (Feast) - Poole Graeme -
Poole Joanne (Doglione) - Poole Tony - Prince Bronwyn - Schaap Maarten - Smith Carolyn - Tau Karen (Anderson) - Wilson Brent - Wilson Debbie
1960-1990 Day Jason - Llliey Nigel - Philip Ronald  - Sands Rowan  - Schaap Rachel - Wilson Angela
S.C, B.O.T, PTA& STAFF - Campbell, Hugh - Champ, Frank - Champ, Francis - Foster, Annette - Lilley, Helen - (Caretaker)
Jackman, Norman - Kidd, Marie - Morris Ray - Platt Beverly - Platt Ralph - Simpson Ian -TEACHERS - Hamilton Noel - Love Lyn - Overton Julie (Cockburn) - Dunn Alister - Dunn Sandra

 Rolleston School 100th Jubilee:

More than 150 people from throught New Zealand flocked to Rolleston last week to take part in the Rolleston School's 100th Jubilee celebrations. The school had an open day last Friday, while the official photo ceremony, dinner and dance was held on the Saturday.

The weekend's festivities were wound up on the Sunday with a church service. The school's principal, Mr Ian Kinley (centre) is pictured with two of the school's oldest ex-students, 84-year-old, Doug Somerville, and Mrs Janet Armstrong. In the background are present day pupils. Mr Armstrong attended the school in 1914 and has been a family friend of Mrs Armstrong for more than 48 years.


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