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Opened 1870

1870 February - Opening of State School with 17 pupils at Downs Road Church Corner
1914 February 17th - School destroyed by fire. Temporary classroom in Parish hall
1915 March - New two roomed brick school opened on site at Bealey Road
1922 - Teacher's house built
1924 December 20 - School Baths opening with Carnival
1929 - Murchison earthquake severely cracked bricks {Rob Ballagh remembers experience}
1948 May 6 - P T A began
1949 August 2nd Start of school bus 1952 - New infant room block provided
1962 - Maori craft and culture studies
1963 - Another classroom added.
Te Pirita school amalgamated.
1965 March 12 - 14th three days Celebration with 500 gathering at the school. Historical Booklet published.
1965 December 1 - Maori Day - culmination of 4 years work
1966 - Extension of school grounds by 2 ac. A generous land gift by Mrs Amel ia Tuer.
1967 March 4th - School Picnic by train from Rakaia to Timaru. NZR put an extra carriage on the Express, left at Caroline Bay to return with the evening express. A train ride was a novel experience for the children.
- It was just like a modern re-enactment of 1899 Picnic -Coalgate by train, then tram to Sumner Beach.
1968 June - "The Hororata Herald" published by pupils
- 2,500 Pinus trees planted on Schools Endowment Plantation an area of old railway line at Coalgate.
1969 Plans approved for a new block to replace the unsafe cracking 1914 building.                                                                                                                                                                                  

1970 January - Old building demolished. Council Chambers and two prefabs used for five teachers and increasing roll numbers.
October 12 - Opening of new 3 classroom, office and staff room block. The Roll still over 150.
Landscaping and restoring of grounds to an attractive area took months of work.
1971 June 15 - Large Pub Iic Meeting with Education Authorities to discuss the formation of F1 - 7 Darfield High School which would result in the decapitation of surrounding' contributing schools. Such a controversial issued provoked must dissent. The people registered a vote of 50-50 for and against the proposal.
1972 March - Fund raising Gala
1974 Mr G Wood revived the school magazine
1975 October 11 - Fund raising Fantasia at race course. A part time teachers aide appointed.
1977 Adventure playground improvements.
1978 January 30 - Start of Darfield F1-7 High School reducing Primary Schools to only Std 4.
February - Old library building ex shelter shed gone so a vacated classroom housed the library.
1980 Cessation of appointment of First Year teachers.
1982 Malvern Outdoor Education Caravan established, an invaluable source of equipment for school camps
1984 Teaching staff reduced to three
1986 Fund raising - PTA weekly meat raffle at Hotel started
1987 $1600 from PTA for photocopier - an update on the Banda and Gestetner. Also $1000 for Video recorder.
1988 PTA provided $ 1000 towards Apple computer. Eventually an Apple was placed in each room for pupils.
1989 October 1st - "Tomorrow's School" system of management. Board of Trustees replaces School Committee and Canterbury Educat ion  Board                                                          

1991 IBM Computer in office enabling EOT system of financial recording to be done at school. PTA provided $ 1500 for library and sports equipment.
1992 New Nashua replacement photocopier
1993 May - PubIic meeting of those who were sure it was time to have a re-union. A steering committee formed for a 1995 ceIebrat ion.
, Baths changing sheds buiIt and fi Itration plant installed. PTA provided $ 1500 to form BBQ area.
1994 Sand pit renewal and expansion with a shade cover by PTA
1994 In Victoria Canada, a Commonwealth Games Silver Medal was won for the full bore shooting event by Geoff Smith of Hororata and a pupil in 1946
1994 May 7th - Opening of the Hororata Historic Society's Museum Coton's Road alongside the Cob Cottage. PupiIs entered an Art Competition for this event.

TEACHERS: We have been very fortunate in having a succession of good teachers through the years. Many have spent time after hours with the children encouraging and coaching as well as joining in community efforts and becoming part of the district while resident at the school. Some have married and stayed. As we do not have access to old official records, only a list of Head Teachers can be given.

1870-1879 F. Digby,  1880-1882 H Willis,  1883-1887 S Carleton, 1888-1889 T L P Pole, 1889-1916 G Quartermain, 1916- 1922 P Scott , 1922-1925 W S Pratt , 1925-1936 G E Cartwright , 1837-1941 E Mauger , 1942- 1947 J P Knight , 1948-1949 A D Saunders , 1949-1953 E H Hanson,  1954-1959 A T Calder, 1960-1966 I R Smith,  1966-1969 N M Moore 1969-1973 R Jeffries 1974 D Strong {rel} , 1974-1979 R Bain, 1979 Mrs M G Clucas {rel}, 1979-1987 B Daniell, 1988 L Golding rel , 1988-1994  G R HiIdyard , 1994 Mrs M Hanna 1994-

The present staff is: Mrs M Hanna - Principal, Ms J Deans Syddall, Miss S Fenton along with other part time specialists:- Mrs L King - Principal release/special Mrs L Adams - Reading recovery needs Teacher Aide Secretary 1975-77 Mrs Jean King 1977-83 Mrs Allison Fowler 1983- Mrs Penny Oliver

Through the years this biennially elected group of parents have served faithfully, spending much time and effort upgrading school equipment and amenities and maintaining the grounds to a good standard. Board of Trustees came into being 1 October 1989. Only a list of Chairperson's is available for publishing:

Mr J Hal I 1870-72, Mr J Cordy 1872, Mr J E Fountaine 1873-77, Hon J Hall 1878-79, Mr J E Fountaine 1880-81, Mr W Baker 1882, Mr R Maffey 1883-86, Mr J Thome 1886-88
Mr R Maffey 1888, Mr W Baker 1889, Mr J Thome 1890-93, Mr J Nelson 1893-97, Mr J Thome 1897-01, Mr W Page 1901-05, Hon Sir J Hal I 1905-06, Mr H Oliver 1906-08
Mr A Gray 1908-10, Mr S R Wright 1910-11, Mr J S McHugh 1911-12, Mr T E Pearson 1912-13, Mr J S KiIty 1913-14, Mr S R Wright 1914-20, Mr A W Ironside 1920-23,  Mr F S Barrett 1923-24,  Mr D Bruce 1924-26,  Mr A J Harris 1927-37,  Mr W R Oliver 1938-41, Mr A L Parker  1942-45,  Mr P H ColIison 1946-49, C Stockdale 1949-52,  Mr A D 0liver  1953-62,  Mr J R Inch 1963-67,  Mr W G Inch 1967-69 ,  Dr J BrownIee 1969-71, Mr I C Bruce 1971-73,  Rev J Vincent 1973-75,  Mr R H B Foster 1975-78,  Mr A Chaffey 1978, Mr G W R Inch 1979-81, Mr D Catherwood 1981-85, Mr S A 0liver 1985-87,  Mr A W Thwaites 1987-89

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