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Black Billy Tea by Joe Charles This was brewed for 'gun' shearer Ray Pareka in the Qlenroy district who wanted "no dish-water, Joe — I like it black!"

Kick out your fire, boy.
Roll up your pack,
Don't forget your billy, boy,
Billy burnt and black.
Black billy tea, boy,
Black as it can be.
Black billy tea, boy.
That is the stuff for me.
Up on the snowline,
Chasing after deer,
I'd sooner have a cup o' tea.
Than all your blinking beer.
Black billy tea, boy, etc.
Down in the coal mine,
Driving in a drive,
Black billy tea, boy.
Keeps a man alive.
Black billy tea, boy, etc.
Drink her from a tin, man, Drink her from a cup,

Fill her up again, man. Turn the bottoms up.
Black billy tea, boy etc.
Brew it in a billy,
Brew it in a pot.
Throw in a handful,
Pour it out hot,
Black billy tea, boy, etc.
Mouth-organ Jack,
And John the Baptist too,
The old-time swaggers,
They knew how to brew.
Black billy tea, boy, etc.
Black billy tea, boy.
Black as Stockholm tar,
Black billy tea, boy,
Put us where we are
Black billy tea, boy, etc.

Up in the bush. Getting out a log,
Upset my outfit
In a ruddy bog.
Took out my billy,
Made a cup o' tea;
Got the outfit out again.
As easy as can be.
Black billy tea, boy , etc.
Used up all my ammo,
Lost my best dog,
with a Captain Cooker,
Bailed up in a log.
Hauled out my billy,
Brewed her up BLACK!
Blocked up the log's end,
And rolled the piggy back.
Black billy, tea, boy, etc.

 Source: The Windwhistle Cookery Book, 1990.

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