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A soldier of the Boer War.

Star , Issue 6998, 14 January 1901, Page 3 FAREWELL TO A TROOPER A farewell "social" was given to.Trooper C. C. Derrett on 'his departure from the Malvern district for South Africa. A veiy large number of people were present and an enjoyable evening was spent; During the -evening Mr Bealey presented Trooper Derrett with a, revolver on behalf of the residents of the district, and the recipient suitably responded. Songs and recitations were given by several ladies and gentlemen. Trooper Derrett is a member of the Malvern Mounted Rifles, and he is captain of the Selwyn Cycling' Club. His brother, Corporal Derrett, who left in the Third Contingent, is now in hospital at Bloemfontein, suffering from pleurisy. He will return to New Zealand as soon as he is well enough.

NZ Truth , Issue 717, 15 March 1919, Page 5  DERRETT'S CHARACTER. Clement Dan Derrett pleaded guilty to stealing fencing wire, valued at £10, the property of the Government, Mr. Hanlon, who appeared for the accused, said that Derrett was born at Horor&ta, m Canterbury. After giving 'tip' farming there' 'lie joined the late Mr. T. E. Taylor as commission agent m ChTlstchurch. Then 'he took up land m the Rlversdale district, but found that his financial responsibilities were very heavy. Wishing to erect a fence' on his property, he took the bottom wire off a railway fence adjoining. When charged Wiith the offence he denied it, and foolishly stuck to his denial m the lower court. As this was, accused's first offence, Mr. Hanlon asked that he be released on probation. The probation officer's report was unfavorable, but the extraordinary thing about it was that it had been prepared by the village constable, who worked up the case. The constable, m giving reasons for expressing the opinion that Derrett Should not be granted probation, showed that such an opinion had been based on hearsay. Fortunately for the accused he was m a position to refute some of these mis-statements. The constable,- m his report, said that the accused had been unable to obtain a commission agent's license. He' (Mr. Hanlon) produced the license, granted m 1913, together with testimonials as to character from such well-known Christchurch men as Messrs. H. Holland, Isitt, M.P., Geo. Harper, and T. D. Rowe. It was clear that a certain irresponsibility had been shown by the constable m deciding the liberty of the accused. No trouble seemed to have been taken m the matter. Derrett came South' m 1917, and brought references from Messrs. Whltcombe, Joseph Hamlet, and others. He produced another letter from the Gore manager, of the firm with which Derrett dealt, to the effect that though Derrett's debit balance had, at times, , been over £1000, he proved himself thoroughly reliable and trustworthy. His Honor: The difficulty is that he committed perjury in the lower court. Mr. Macalister made a strong protest against the granting of probation. The report 'had been based on Inquiries made m the district of Hororata. No people there would give accused a character, and he had the reputation of being a shady kind of Individual. A man called Lambert, of Christchurch, said that accused was considered shady m all his dealings. Besides committing perjury, the accused had endeavored to induce a boy, who helped him to steal the wire, to go to the lower court and give evidence m his favor. The boy refuaed. When accused found that the boy had "given the show away," he threatened him and wanted him to sign a paper. Not only did he himself commit perjury, biit he triod to induce the lad to do the same. ■ •' His Honor asked that accused's testimonials be handed up. As he turned them over he said: "Mr. Isitt, m 1014, speaks of accused thus: 'I regard him as a man of high character and business fidelity.' You can't get hierhev recommendation than that, Mr. Macf,alfstor." .■',»•, Mr. Mapalister (sneermgly): I understand, your Honor, that he was A PARTNER WITH THE LATE T. B. TAYLOR. Mr. Hanlon: Well, is that to his dis- F Mr. Macallster: It might be, if- 'all the circumstances wero known. Mr Hanlon: Speak 111 of the dead. His Honor said that he was not satisfied that accused was not of good character, and. m the face of the testimony of Christchurch business men, he was satisfied that the accused was entitled to probation. The fact of his pleading- guilty m the Supreme Court could be set off against his perjury In the Magistrate's Court. Accused would be 'admitted to probation for three years on the following conditions: (1) That he be of good • fiehavior; (2) that he pay £10 for th* Stolon wire? and (3) that he pay £30 towards the costs />p ♦■*»*■ srosectfun-n. Source:


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Derrett, Clement Camm

First Names:Clement Camern
Last Name:Derrett
Date of Birth:1879
User Name:Selwyn Library
Parents or Next of Kin:Son of Edwin and Leichen Derrett