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A soldier of the Anglo-Boer War who died in an accident.

RAILWAY DISASTER TO THE EIGHTH CONTINGENT. Evening Post, Volume LXIII, Issue 89, 15 April 1902, Page 5
HEAVY LOSS OF LIFE. LIST OF THE KILLED AND INJURED. The Acting-Premier (Sir Joseph Ward) received the following cable message early this morning from South Africa, through His Excellency the Governor: - The following were killed in a railway accident at Machavie on 12th inst. : - Private J. Harris, Athol, Southland. Private F. L. D. Low, Styx, Canterbury. Private A. H. Macdonald, Oamaru. Private V. H. Brown, Sheffield, Can« terbury. Private P. Rogers, Heriot, Dunedin. Private M. Cauty, Longbush, Southlaud. Private A. F. Leers (otherwise W. Foss), Waihi, Auckland. Private R. Osborne", Middlemarch, Central Otago. Private J. Bruce, Oamaru. Privato J. Malonoy, Little River, Canterbury. Privato O. Bourne, Christohurch. Private J. C. Simpson (relatives unknow 1 ) Private J. H. Jones, Wendonside, Southland. Tho following were dangerously injurod t - Private H. Brown, Dennis ton, W*tport. Privato Alfred E. Pearson, Oamaru. Private Wm. C. Grant, Middlemarch, Otago. Corporal D. L. Whitehead, Dunedin. Private Patrick Lee, Woodlands, Southland. Privato W. Whetter, Waikouaiti. The following were severely injured in the accident : - Private Charles Jones, Dunedin. Private Walter Devon, Gimmerburn, Otago. Privato Nicholas L. Thomas, Waimate. Privato William Turner, Outram. Private Henry R. Plumridgo, Spreydon. Canterbury. The slightly injured are : -Privates Jolm Edgar, Queenftown ; James G. Watt, Wost Plains, Invercnrgill. [Machavie is a station on tho railway running south-west from Johannesburg to Kleiksdorp, and about eighteen miles from tho latter town.] A cablegram has also been reoaived by the Acling-l'romier hluling that John j D.i er Cunningham, of the Seventh Contingent, wa* dangerously ill ni, Pier touu on the 12th insi. CHRISTCmJJROII, This Day. Mr. 0. I' 1 . Bourne, headmaster of Christchurch College, has received a cablegram confirming tho news of tho accident to the Eighth Contiugent, stating that his son was among the killed. AUCKLAND, This Day. The cablegram received by tho Governor with reference to the disaster to the Eighth Contingent states that no officers were killed or injured. It is understood that none of the men injured or killed were in the North Island Battalion. No particulars are to hand as to how the accident happened.

HE RAILWAY DISASTER AT MACHAVIE, Evening Post, Volume LXIII, Issue 93, 19 April 1902, Page 5 CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT. LONDON, 18th April. Details of the railway ncL(Jde:it at Machavie, whero the Eighth New Zeulanders met with so many casualties, show that, owing to a mistake, the truin carrying the troops proceeded before the line was clear, ' When descending an incline it camo into collision with an empty goods train horn Kieiksdorp. Generals Wilsou and Barker and many oflkurs and civilian* ntemled the funeral pf the victims at Klerksdorp.

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Trooper V. H. Brown, Sheffield

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