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In January 1902 New Zealand agreed to a British request for an additional contingent to serve in South Africa. The 1000-strong Eighth Contingent was commanded by Colonel R.H. Davies.It disembarked in South Africa in mid-March 1902.

In January 1902 New Zealand agreed to a British request for an additional contingent to serve in South Africa. The 1000-strong Eighth Contingent was commanded by Colonel R.H. Davies, one of the outstanding New Zealand officers to emerge during the war. It disembarked in South Africa in mid-March 1902.

New Zealand's political leaders, military personnel, and public were all concerned about the way previous New Zealand units had on many occasions been split up and lost their national identity. Seddon and Davies impressed upon Kitchener and his staff New Zealand's strong desire for the Eighth Contingent to be kept intact and possibly combined with other New Zealand Contingents to form a column. Kitchener was not prepared, at least officially, to compromise his ability to deploy the forces under his command as he saw fit, but the contingent did operate as a separate entity.


The men in Addington camp are shaping well. Only dismounted drills have been held up to the present, as only, 65 horses are in camp. A number of North Island horses will arrive on Saturday or early next week, and then mounted drill will be commenced. The discipline is generally very good, and all the camp arrangements are giving satisfaction. Names are still being added to the supplementary roll. A detail is taken out for rifle practice at Cashmere Range every day, and fair shooting is done. Leave is restricted to 50 men each evening. Several men have left camp for various reasons, and one was dismissed for insubordination.

The appointment of Captain Jackson, of Otago, to the command of the South Island Battalion was announced this' evening. Captain Jackson served in South Africa through the Gaika, Galeka, Fingo, Basuto and Zulu wars of 1877-78-79, and commanded the Otago and Southland Battalion of the Fifth Contingent, bringing them back in the Tagus. He also served in the Boer war of 1881 as a commissariat officer.


The following is the nominal roll of all the Canterbury men of the Eighth Contingent. For the present the list is more or less tentative, and the list of men finally selected will only be available after the men have been sworn in, a formality which will take some time. Members of previous contingents are indicated by the letter "C" in parentheses:

P. A. Addersley, Charles Anderson, Herbert Ernest Ayers, J. E. Andrews, Farrier-sergeant S. E. A'Court (C), A, Anderson,. A. Allan, V. Andrews, P. T. Bradley, W. N. Bates, F. A. Barrett, J. F. Bilby, H. R. Blake, J. Belcher, E. Blank, A. E. Buxton, V. H. Brown, De Renzi Brett, W. T. Budge, W. A. Beck, J. A. Blessett, R. J Brown (C), H. D. Bailey, W. Butterworth, W. J. Burke, W. R. Balden, A. Bradley, J. S. Buxam, C. S. Bourne, Sergeant H. Collins (C), W. G. Cuthbert, F. C. Comer, D. Campbell, Corporal H. E. Cbilde (C), C. J. Clough (C). W. G. Chapman (C), P. D. Crampton, G. J. Cotton, A. Clark, J. Cameroni H. Carson, C. C. Cottrell, W. A. Cheeseman, O. R. Cook, E. Colthart, T. Colthart, P. Cavangh, J. W. Canavan (C.), W. Clouston (C), A. Curtis, W. Cooper, J. W. Davis (C), R. T. Donaughey, C. Driscoll, E. .T. Davis, C. H. Dudley, E. E. Duke, C. Davis, C. Dunford, G. Duncan,;, J. Doyle, E. Dean, G. Davis, H. E., East, C. F. D, Fox, C. Fisher, F. Free, J. E. Findlay(C), H. Farrell, H. FarIrow, J. Gullick, T. Green, W. R. Grant, H. A. Glenie, E. A. Garcia, J. Gallagher, W. Gosneil, C. Gefken, H. J. Glyas, Charles Gralton, Sergt. James Greig (C.), M. Gallagher, T. Glen, R. Grimwood, Corp. C. Hardy Johnston (C.), Corpl. J. B. Hall (C), M. Hyam, Johu Henderson, W. H. Hayes, W. H. Hunter, H. Hafper, R. F. Hill, G. L. Hoskin, James Henderson (C.) R. Hawke, L. Horley, P. Harper, L. Harper, Corpl. J. W. Jones (C.), Sergt. A. H. Joseph (C), F. C. Jones, B. S. Jordan, W. Jackson, Charles Jones, A. Kelly, T. Kidd, H. Lennox, F. D. Lowe, J. A. Lindon, W. C. Lake, W. Lehrs, R Lyness, E. A. Lambell, Farrier W. MB. Miller (C) Corpl. L. Murray, Saddler W. Murphy (C), Mathias De Renzi, Mortland, Mollor, T. Morton, R. Meredith, J. Maloney, M. J. Murphy W. Mason, J. H. Manson, J. Muir, A. Murphy, V. Hanson, A. Mil ler, T. R. Moss (P.), W. Mintrom, C. W. Mehrtens, M. J. Mulhearn, W. M'Laughlin, A. W. M'Nicael; J. M'Conaghey, J. M'Cleary, M. M'Goverin, C. C. M'Phedran, R. J. M'Lean, W. Nicholson, V. A. Niven, William Newton, H. T. O'Donnell, G. Orchard, J. O'Donnall, H. Pluineridge, G. M. L. Poison, H. J. Parsonage, G. Pilcher, R. V. Pocock, R, Pinkerton, J. Purges, A. E. Pearson, L. J. Revel, H.. C. Righton, A. Realz, Thomas Ryan, 'Robert J. Ryan, W. Reay, James Ryan, F. ,W. Robertson (C), G. Radcliffe, W. Robinson, W. Ryan, P, C. Roberts, A. Rattray, Thomas Scotf (C), Sergeant W. T. Scott (C) J. M'P. Stewart, J. B. Starks A. H. Steele, A. Shillock, T. Stephenson, D. Syme, R. J. Sheath, G. E. Sollitt, A. Button, G.'Skilling, B. L. Symonds, C. H. Sargisson, B. Simpson, Edward Thorpe, A. Thompson, T. Thomson, E. Tippett, B. Tuke, W. Thomas, A. S. Thomson, J. M. Todd, R. Tubman, N. L. Thomas, R. W. Vallance (C), J G. Watson, H. Worsley (C), T. N. Withers, F Watkins, L. Weekes, C. G. Wallace, F. Winter, R. Wallace, R. Ward, K. C. Wight, L.-E. J. Worthington, A Willis (C), S. Wilson, G. A. Winter, T Williams, A. R. Wooding, T.. Walsbury, R. J. Watson.



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