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A number of places named for Samuel Bealey

These places were named for Samuel Bealey, third Superintendent of Canterbury from 1863-1866.

Samuel Bealey, B.A.,  was born in Lancashire, England, in 1821. He entered Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took his degree in 1851. Later that year he sailed for Canterbury, New Zealand. In conjunction with Mr. John Bealey he purchased 1000 acres of land in the new settlement, and erected small dwelling houses in Christchurch.

After the passing of the New Zealand Constitution Act the elections for the Provincial Council took place, and Mr. Samuel Bealey, Mr. Thomas Cass, the Chief Surveyor of Canterbury, and Mr. Richard Packer, were elected for Christchurch. He was supportive of the breakwater project at Port Lyttelton.

He succeeded Mr. Moorhouse in 1863 as Superintendent of the Province of Canterbury and  considerable extension of the southern railway was undertaken during his period of office. On the completion of his term of office, Mr Bealey retired into private life and returned to England in 1902.

A shortlived township on the flat in the fork between the Bealey and Waimakariri Rivers. In June, 1865, Mr. Triphook surveyed the Town of Bealey, of 208 sections. Streets were named Albion, Caledonia, Erin, Cambria, running east and west; and running north and south were St. David, St. Patrick, St. Andrew and St. George.

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